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SportsFood; MMA Roadhog Co-winners of WMMA Press 2014 Sponsor of the Year Award

sportsfood-new-product-WEB10636321_621473457963008_120683295980285018_nThe influx of support from the business community for female fighters expanded quickly this past year. Two newcomers to the scene have the honor of being co-winners of the WMMA Press 2014 Sponsor of the Year Award.

Sportsfood and MMA Roadhog were awarded the honors Sunday.

Sportsfood is a company that sells electrolyte strips to athletes and has had positive results according to many athletes that use them. Sportsfood designed a program where fighters can get sponsorship dollars with recommendation codes, and had stepped up to help certain fighters who don’t get the recognition from more major brands.

The same can be said of MMA Roadhog, who itself uses its dollars to support fighters who need to be recognized. The MMA and Automotive team stepped up to help several fighters last minute. Their racing team even has a car with InvictaFC sponsorship.

You can listen to both companies accept their awards here.