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Shannon Knapp Maps Out InvictaFC’s 2015

Courtesy Cynthia Vance/InvictaFC
Courtesy Cynthia Vance/InvictaFC

In what was a comeback year for Invicta, promotion President Shannon Knapp has sketched out a plan for the promotion come 2015. Knapp was on MMA Junkie Radio Friday to talk about where the promotion is heading in the new year.

Six events are planned with places like Denver, Ohio, and a return to Houston in the works. Word is Cyborg Justino will kick off the year defending her featherweight title in February. An announcement is expected at InvictaFC’s event Friday night on where the fight will take place, her opponent, and an exact date.

We should also to expect Friday shows more often.

Knapp hinted at a Vegas date, which could piggy back off of an UFC event. The idea would be to get the mainstream MMA media to cover their events more often and to expose more UFC fans to their product.

Invicta will also be using the UFC’s “octagon” style cage in future events.

After what has been a late start this year for Invicta, this next year will hopefully see Invicta build off its new found momentum.