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TUF 20 Episode 4 – Esparza Dominates in Opening Round

Esparza Courtesy TUF 20 on FB
Esparza Courtesy TUF 20 on FB

Friendships, feuding, fighting, and farts fill episode four of “The Ultimate Fighter”.

We open the show with Team Melendez, who has lost three straight fights. Melendez sees the light at the end of the tunnel, as their top seeds minus Tecia Torres are still intact.

Team Pettis has a guest coach for a few days in Uriah Faber, someone the team gushes over. Faber names Joanne Calderwood “The KO Whisperer” and sees her as a favorite to win the tournament. He also sees promised in Carla Esparza, who’s wrestling credentials are profiled. They also highlight the friendship between Felice Herrig and Esparza, something that has been going on since Espraza beat Herrig several years ago.

Angela Hill is a big underdog coming in being the #16 seed and having only one professional bout. She seemed primed for an upset however. Hill has over 16 pro Muay Thai bouts and the coaches hope takedown defense and her striking will give her an edge.

At the house, Hill’s flatulence has being coming a running joke. Angela Magana called Hill a “martial fartist”.

During a training sessions, Heather Clark injured her knee, and decided to ride a bike the next practice, much to the disdain of Magana. When Clark decides to soak in an ice bath, Magana starts a screaming at her to get out of the tub.

Justine Kish, who has never fought at 115, is having problems dropping weight and has been jogging and doing extra exercise to compensate. If she doesn’t make weight, she could be cut from the UFC. There maybe an out, however, as Kish is start to have problems with her surgically repaired knee.

We head into the the fight, which starts with Hill keeping her distance and staying to stuff takedowns. Espraza was able to get one eventually and took Hill to the mat. After a scramble, Espraza gained mount and pinned Hill down. Esprza took Hill’s back soon after for a rear naked choke attempt, but Hill fought it off. Hill fought back to her feet, but Esparza took the back standing and sunk in the rear naked choke for the tap at 3:41 of round 1.

Next week we will see a rematch of their war at Bellator in 2013. You can watch that fight here.

It was also teased a fighter would be leaving the show next week due to injury and another fighter will return to the tournament.

TUF 20 Episode 3 – Penne Defeats Ellis for Second Time

penne tuf 20Mental games were the theme for the third installment of the series with pranks, fun questions, and a fighter who may have lost her edge.

We start the episode UFC President Dana White calling Bec Rawlings into the office. White tells Rawling her step-father has died. He was suffering from Parkinson’s, so Rawlings knew it wasn’t too long before he passed. It didn’t stop her from crying over the loss, and Angela Magana led Team Melendez in prayer for Rawling’s mom. Later, the coaches came to the house to consul and cheer up Rawlings. Assistant coach Jake Shields remember how he felt when his dad passed during a fight camp and understood Rawling’s position.

The next day, we have a distraught but regrouping Team Melendez who now focuses on Lisa Ellis for her rematch with Jessica Penne. Ellis hasn’t fought since she met Penne the first time, having a family in the interim. Most of the episode talk about how Ellis didn’t seem to have the “Eye of the Tiger” she did before she started her family.

Penne discussed how she took up Martial Arts after being bullied. The UFC failed to mention she was the former InvictaFC atomweight champion, but it will be mentioned at some point. Penne’s fight with Ellis the first go round was called “The bloodiest fight in WMMA history”. Penne won by TKO, with Ellis saying it was stopped too soon.

Back at the house, Team Melendez tried to have a friendly game of questions and answers, with Heather Clark trying to be the team leader once again. The team gets more aggravated and annoyed.

For the first time this season, we get weigh-ins. Both fighters came in on weight. Team Melendez sneaks a pair of granny panties into Team Pettis’s locker room to their wall of panties. As Team Pettis comes in from weigh-ins, they notice them, and Penne takes them down and goes to Team Melendez’s room and covers up the photo of Melendez with the panties.

The fight came, and Ellis tried for the takedown. Penne gets back up and they pummel against the fence. Ellis tries for a throw, but Penne takes the back. Penne sinks in the rear naked choke for the win. Team Melendez continues it losing streak.

Next week the #1 seed Car;la Esparza from Team Pettis takes on the #16 seed Angela Hill from Team Melendez. In the previews, Angela Magana and Clark has words in the sauna.

Quotes of the Night:

“Will you, Jessica Penne, take me, LBD, as your BFF?” – Felice Herrig giving Jessica Penne a friendship bracelet.

“People have talked to her already and it doesn’t do a f—ing thing!” – Angela Magana talking about Heather Clark

“Of course we would say big butts because we don’t have big t*tt*#s.” Rose Namajunas after asked about rather having a big butt or big boobs.

“Horny Thorn Rose” – Rose Namajunas after being asked about creating her stripper name.