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TBA Tournament Crowns 2014 Champions


The annual amateur Thai Boxing Association tournament took place this past weekend in Des Moines, Iowa with some of North America’s best kickboxing vying for championships in over a couple of dozen divisions. Over a hundred female competitors this year, with some familiar faces from the amateur MMA and kickboxing worlds.

Among the highlights was XFC signee Andrea Lee who won her division. This after winning her last amateur MMA match last week and a kickboxing bout the week before.

Here are all the female winners from this past weekend.

You can see complete results from the TBA tournament here.

Class A Champions

  • Regan Gowing Flyweight 95.1-105
  • Janice MacAulay Featherweight 115.1-125
  • Kelsey Andries Middleweight 155.1-165
  • Andrea Lee A Ladies Lightweight 125.1-135
  • Melissa Karagianis Featherweight 115.1-125

Class B Champions

  • Stephanie Miller Bantamweight 105.1-115
  • Candice Mitchell Featherweight 115.1-125
  • Robin Macmillan Lightweight 125.1-135
  • Amy Hester Welterweight 135.1-145
  • Ashley McBride Super Heavyweight 195.1 and Up

Class C Champions

  • Shannen Manlangit C Ladies L Atom 102.1-107
  • Jennifer Cichon C Ladies L Straw 107.1-112
  • Giulia D’Ambrosio C Ladies L Fly 112.1-117
  • Shelby Marchand C Ladies L Bantam 117.1-122
  • Laura Marturano C Ladies L Feather 122.1-127
  • Victoria Wilson C Sr Ladies Lsr Light 125.1-135
  • Lisa Ziegler C Ladies L Light 127.1-132
  • Camille Britton C Ladies L Super Light 132.1-137
  • Melissa Demelo C Ladies L Light Welter 137.1-142
  • Alicia Guzzo C Ladies L Welter 142.1-147
  • Paula Piilonen C Ladies L Super Welter 147.1-155
  • Linda Simba C Ladies L Super Middle 165.1-175
  • Drea Hudson C Ladies L Heavy 175.1-195
  • Charleen Pokornik C Sr Ladies Lsr Super Heavy 195.1 and Up


  • Savannah Foden Open Featherweight 115.1-125, Age 13-14
  • Alejandra Cardoza Class C Featherweight 115.1-125, Age 15-17
  • Summer Bronco Open Junior Middleweight 68.1-78, Age 10-12
  • Inez Jaurequi-Perez Open Junior Middleweight 68.1-78, Age 10-12