z Ronda Rousey Effect

Since I have been swarmed by people on twitter touting the praises of Ronda Rousey and how she is going to wreck through Meisha Tate, I decided to write this, since 120 characters just doesn’t do my answers justice. Before you read on, please note:

I don’t hate Ronda Rousey

I thoroughly enjoyed watching her progression as a fighter. I respect her as an athlete and agree that she was the WMMA Fighter of the Year. She did bring a lot of attention to the sport as of late. My worry is that she is taking in too much too fast.

…however I do have some problems with her

As much as she gloats, she did insult every female fighter before her in a recent interview,  saying they should be thanking her for helping save the sport. If it wasn’t for legends like Marloes Coenen and Rosi Sexton among others, she wouldn’t have her platform in the first place.

Why I don’t think she deserve the shot yet

As much as I appreciate she is getting people talking, she pressed for a shot she didn’t earn and took away an opportunity from those who rightfully deserved it.

The honorable thing would to have asked Strikeforce for one warm-up match at 135; so she can at least test a weight cut. She maybe losing strength and endurance during the drop she that she isn’t used to. Plus we don’t know if she will make it to 135.

I will give Rousey credit – she did call out Sarah Kaufman first.

But she’s marketable…

And I see her getting a huge gate for this match, but why waste the load all at once? If they would have given Rousey Alexis Davis first and Ronda won; they could have easily set up another match with the winner of Kaufman vs. Tate after. Two big sold out crowds is better than just one.


Now that is settled, why I think Miesha should be favored in the match


Ronda (4-0 pro; 3-0 ammy) has been in the sport for two years. Miesha (12-2 pro; 1-1 ammy) – five years.

But Ronda is an Olympic Bronze medalist in Judo and has faced world class competition

…in judo yes. MMA is a whole different animal. It’s harder to throw people when they are hitting you in the face.

Best example – if it were true that being one of the top fighters in a grappling sport means you will dominate in the cage, then Roger Gracie, Jeff Monson, and Fabricio Werdum would be undefeated.

And since Olympic Silver medalist Sara McMann has face tougher competition in wrestling (there are more wrestlers than there are judokas in the Olympics) and advanced further than Ronda, then Sara should be better than her, correct?

But Ronda has rush opponents and made them submit in under a minute

Not all opponents are created equal. To say that a Julia Budd (2-2) is equal to a Marloes Coenen (19-5) is just ludicrous. Tate has faced the best in the deep 135 division while Ronda has been in the less deep and inexperienced 145.

So far, all of Ronda’s opponents have been strikers with little experience. And remember, two of those matches (one ammy and one pro) the opponent didn’t tap – the ref simply stopped it. Those two opponents where the ones with the most experience she has faced.

Bum rushing and throwing has worked in all her matches. It’s just a matter of time…

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Rousey has yet to face anyone the caliber of Miesha in MMA. She has had six years to adapt wrestling and learn BJJ for MMA. Plus she has defended numerous armbar attempts.

I am sure Miesha will be working on staying balanced in the clinch so she won’t be thrown. If Miesha can stall long enough in the clinch, a break will happen. A striking match falls in favor of Miesha.

Here’s the thing

This is MMA. Anything can happen. In one crazy scenario we could see Ronda KO Miesha. We really don’t know what will happen. Ronda does have a shot of winning the title.

However, to get on the Ronda Rousey hype train without educating yourself on who she’s fought and who Miesha has fought is just ignorant.


One thought on “z Ronda Rousey Effect”

  1. i cant stand this stupid bitch,i hope coumouch knocks her out if not give miesha tate a rematch so miesha can rip her apart shes lucky chris cyborg went else wear cyborbg would of killed her dumass bitch

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