2015 IMMAF European Open Day 2 Results

saxmark 01
Saxmark Courtesy IMMAF

The IMMAF European Open saw some very competitive matches and some slick submissions on day 2 as the semi-finals are now set.

IMMAF Worlds finalist Anja Saxmark got a submission victory to ink her spot in the flyweight semi’s, while Icelandic representative Sunna Rannveig got a split decision over Italy’s llaria Norcia on the other side of the bracket.

We initially didn’t think we were going to have a women’s bantamweight tournament, but we saw Gabriella Ringblom of Sweden and  Varpru Rinne of Finland take home unanimous decision in that category in two quarterfinal matches.

The semi-finals in the rest of the divisions happen Saturday.

Day 2 Results

Strawweight Quarterfinals

  • Aleksandra Toncheva Plamenova (Bulgaria) def. Deborah Osullivan (Ireland) by Submission (Rear naked choke) 1:33 Round 2
  • Raluca Dinescu (Romania) def. Polly Beauchamp (UK) by split decision

Flyweight Quarterfinals

  • Anja Saxmark (Sweden) def. Meagan Oloughlin (Ireland) by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 2:12 Round 3
  • Inka Auvinen (Finland) def. Sissel Hansen Brynjulfsen (Norway) by Submission (Triangle choke) 1:40 Round 2
  • Sunna Rannveig (Iceland) def. llaria Norcia (Italy) by split decision
  • Michaela Dostalova (Czech Republic) def. Anette A-Sterberg (Finland) by split decision

Bantamweight Quarterfinals

  • Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) def. Morgane Manfredi (France) by Unanimous Decision
  • Varpru Rinne (Finland) def. Ingibjorg Birna Arsaelsdott (Iceland) by Unanimous Decision.

Featherweight Quarterfinal

  • Sanna Merta (Finland) def. Lindsey Doyle (Ireland) via TKO, round 2 (1:30)


Day 3 Schedule

Strawweight Semi-finals

  • Amy Omara (UK) vs. Aleksandra Toncheva (Bulgaria)
  • Raluca Dinescu (Romania) vs. Lyudmila Sadirina (Azerbaijan)

Flyweight Semi-finals

  • Anja Saxmark (Sweden) vs. Inka Auvinen (Finland)
  • Sunna Rannveig (Iceland) vs. Michaela Dostalova (Czech Republic)

Bantamweight Semi-finals

  • Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) vs.. Camilla Mannes (Norway)
  • Varpru Rinne (Finland) vs. Eloise Picard (Canada)

Featherweight Semi-finals

  • Sanna Merta (Finland) vs. Julia Dorny (Germany)
  • Celine Provost (France)  vs. Cornelia Holm (Sweden)

Lightweight Semi-finals

  • Sini Koivunen (Finland) vs. Leah McCourt (Northenr Irleand)
  • Miia Isola (Finland) vs. Aurore Quintin (France)


Rousey vs. Holm Fallout: How the Outcome has Shaped the Future of the Bantamweights


The world is still in shock about the kick heard around the world.

Holly Holm did what no other woman has: defeated Ronda Rousey in MMA. With a new champ crowned, the best laid plans of the UFC is now in chaos and the former champ is at a crossroads.

Now the world changed overnight, here is some observations in terms of the fallout.

Ronda Rousey

Although it was sad to see MMA’s “Superwoman” fall for the first time in her career, it may be good for her in the long run; which sells her matches even better.

It has always been quoted “You learn more from a loss than a win.” After all the blame is thrown around about who is responsible, it will be up to Rousey to prove she can brush herself off, make corrections, and return stronger. We hope she becomes more humble in the loss as well, which seems to be her biggest criticism.

Besides, everyone loves a comeback story.

Many are speculating that Rousey may have lost some of her star power due to not being undefeated. While there will be some blows to her career, in the long run it may help her. There is a point when an undefeated champ gets boring with so many quick finishes (see Mike Tyson).

For now, Rousey is still signed to do a few movies in Hollywood, and maybe taking some time off until UFC 200. We don’t expect her to leave MMA altogether like Gina Carano did.

Holly Holm

The new champ has more than proven she is the best striker in MMA.

Holm has suddenly become an overnight sensation and the media will be swarming all week to get an interview; both MMA and major ones. The soft spoken Holm will get a lot of time to brush up on her interview skills and has set herself as the new face of the sport. Holm’s humbleness will be refreshing, but may not be what the UFC wants from a champ. In a sport built on conflict, hard to see “The Preacher’s Daughter” get riled up against future opponents, which means it will be tougher to sell her. A lot will deal with her opponents selling the fight as well.

The new champ always has a target on her back. With several fighters already throwing their hat into the cage, the first defense of the title is always the toughest test for a champion.

Miesha Tate

The person who got passed up for the title shot, Miesha Tate, is in a better position then she was weeks ago.

Tate was refused to fight Rousey for a third time with Holm taking the spot, prompting Tate to consider retiring and taking an analyst position at Fox. Now there is a new person atop the division, the possibility of a title shot has drastically improved. Currently ranked #2 in the division according to the Unified rankings and the number 1 contender according to the UFC (this will change to #2 come Monday), she has a great argument to be the next person to face Holm.

If Tate were to win, the trilogy match would make better sense for Rousey.

The meeting between her and UFC President Dana White should be interesting.

Cyborg Justino

The Rousey loss doesn’t diminish the possible superfight between her and Cyborg, but it does make it more intriguing.

If Cyborg can maintain her dominance at a lower weight, people will see the fight closer than it would have been. The possibility for it being a title fight is out of the equation, but no one thinks it would last 5 rounds anyways.

Saturday night after her win, Holm was being thrown around on twitter as someone who should face Cyborg when she does drop. We still have two matches to go (140 then 135) before Cyborg can even consider it.

The Bantamweight Division as a Whole

Rousey had beaten everyone in the top 10 except Juliana Pena, Amanda Nunes, and Holm. The new person atop the hill gives fresh challengers and new matches to sell. Upcoming matches in the bantamweight division will be key in getting fighters in prime position for a title shot against Holm.

November 2015 Rankings – Pena Enters Top 10


With a very active October, Juliana Pena moves into the top ten for the first time in the bantamweight division with her defeat over Jessica Eye who drops out of the top ten. The committee has decided to take Alexis Davis off the list due to her pregnancy. Liz Carmouche re-enters the top ten as a result.

With Annalisa Bucci out of action for a year, she has been taken off the featherweight list, bumping up last months number 5-10 up a spot. Amanda Bell re-enters the top 10.

None of the other divisions had major changes in the top 10. InvictaFC champ Barb Honchak has been inactive for a year, but the committee will decide if she stays or leaves next month.

You can read the complete 2015 November rankings here.