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As the first decade in the new millennium came and went, a new trend can be seen in terms of women’s empowerment. In all forms of media, it seemed to be the decade of the woman as “the fairer sex”, who have made their presence more known in action films, TV shows, and sports.

In combat sports in particular, it was a decade of change and acceptance. With women’s wrestling and women’s boxing added to the Olympics and the women’s MMA on the rise (and now entering the UFC), the genre has broken barriers in the War of the Sexes.

So, why has so much progress been made in the past 10 years?

The Synopsis

This documentary will explore the current and fast rise of combat sports, and the reasons behind it.

We intend on trying to answer three questions to help explain it.

  1. Is the rise of the female combat sports because of a long progression or a sudden cultural change?
  2. Is the competitive spirit of women in sports something developed over societal changes or has it always been something women have had and are now more open to express?
  3. Is this trend going to continue with the next generation?

Shooting Locations and Dates (More to be added)

Jan. 4-5 – InvictaFC 4

Jan. 7-9 – Las Vegas


We will be giving a presentation to the Fighting Women’s Summit in Toronto June 22-23, which will feature the boxing portion of the documentary.

Helping out

If interested in participating, donating footage, or sponsoring the project, please e-mail MarQ at MarQfpr @ gmail . com (no spaces).


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