What’s Our TUF 20 Predictions Look Like

the-ultimate-fighter-tufMany people were asking our opinions on what the TUF 20 season is going to look like in terms of the match-ups. A heavy rumor is that unlike other seasons where the coaches make the match-ups, they will actually seed the competitors to make sure the title match final is truly the best of the best. If so, we won’t be surprised if one team will be the even seeds and the others odd.

Here is our predictions about the opening round matches.

Please Note: These are predictions based on educated guesses and what we think would make an exciting show. We don’t have any knowledge directly or indirectly of what is actually going on.

  • 1) Carla Esparza vs. 16) Angela Hill
  • 3) Joanne Calderwood vs. 14) Alex Chambers
  • 5) Felice Herrig vs. 12) Justine Kish
  • 7) Heather Clark vs. 10) Bec Rawlings
  • 9) Ais Daly vs. 8) Rose Namajunas
  • 11) Angela Magana vs. 6) Lisa Ellis
  • 13) Emily Peters-Kagan vs. 4) Jessica Penne
  • 15) Randa Markos-Thomas vs. 2) Tecia Torres



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