Wombat Sports and Hubba Team Up to Help Fighters

One of the biggest hassles fighters have are getting sponsors.

Going through a fight camp and paying it on your own is tough outside having to do the physical work to prepare. We at Wombat Sports have good news for you.

We have teamed up with Hubba to help fighters find sponsors.

What is Hubba?

Hubba is a website that connects start up companies with social media influencers to get their names out there. These companies run the gambit of items from clothes to food items, and yes, even fitness appeal, supplements, and training gear.

This is absolutely free to sign up for but here is the catch. Hubba is selective in who they bring into the website. Their biggest qualification is your social media base, so if you have a lot of followers you will most likely get in.

You can apply here:


Once you have signed up, you can create a list of companies you’d be interested in promoting. You will be able to connect with those companies and go from there.

Our hope is that the relationship will be fruitful for all and after talking to the company personally, they are excited to have you take part of this community.

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