Sarah D’Alelio Responds to Controversial Loss

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After her controversial loss to Ronda Rousey this past Friday at Strikeforce Challengers in Vegas, Sarah D’Alelio is finally speaking out.

D’Alelio issued a press release to the media Sunday morning stating her side of the story, her disapleasure of how referee Steve Mazzagotti handled the match, and her desire to move past this match. D’Alelio’s camp told us they will not be appealing the decision.

“In the wake of the controversial stoppage of my Strikeforce fight, I would like to thank my family, my CSA/FTCC Team, my sponsors (ALL OF THEM), and my Monster Diehards and new fans for the out pouring of support and concern. I would like acknowledge the athletic effort, competitive spirit and sportsmanship of my opponent Ronda Rousey. Ronda, you are a great fighter and I hope you continue with your success in Strikeforce. I want to let EVERYONE know that I am 100% physically ok!! No damage at all!”

“With that being said, a little information about the fight and how I felt it went down; I did not physically or verbally tap to signal my submission to my opponent’s armbar attempt. My opponent communicated to the referee what she believed was my verbal signal, but the referee did not ask for my conformation of a verbal submission. The sound I did make was a sound of physical exertion as I started to defend against my opponent’s submission attempt. I was not injured or in physical distress at any time.”

“The win for my opponent as well as the disapproval of the premature stoppage was vocalized by the fans in attendance. Though I did not want the disapproval directed at my opponent, I felt like the fans rallied in my defense and were unified in acknowledging that we, as female fighters, were not given the opportunity to display the athletic fortitude commonly allowed to male fighter in similar submission and physically challenging situations.”

“I feel that the ref in his action of the premature stoppage made a statement of criticism of not only of the physical abilities of female fighters, but a judgment of our heart and desire to persevere though the physical punishment of MMA fighting. We are STRONG both in our hearts and physically capability.”

“Although there will NOT be a rematch between Rousey and myself, I am moving forward from this experience to continue my training to be prepared for the next Strikeforce fight. Which I know is just in the NEAR future.”

Sarah D’Alelio

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