Upcoming/Results Female Fights – Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai

Here are all the announced upcoming fights and results for the current month. Results from previous months can be found here. Pro MMA courtesy of WMMAToday and boxing courtesy of Boxrec.com. Wombat Sports uses the Unified MMA Rankings.

  • Pro MMA in Red
  • Amateur MMA in Pink
  • Semi-pro MMA in Orange
  • Pro Boxing in Aqua
  • Amateur boxing in Yellow
  • Kickboxing/Muay Thai in Green
  • Grappling in blue



July 1

Legacy MMA – Bossier City, Louisiana

  • Bi Nguyen def. Andy Nguyen by unanimous decision (110)
  • Candace Maricle def. Alyssa Vasquez by submission (rear naked choke) round 1 (135)

UCC MMA –  Panama City, Panama

  • Joselyne Laboriel def. Yacqueline Arosemena by Submission (strikes) round 1 (135)

Iron Man Championship Fight 20 – Brazil

  • Leticia Lima def. Ana Leao by Split Decision (115)
  • Samara Santos def. ‘Lulu Guerreira’ by Unanimous Decision (115)

July 2

ROAD FC – Changsa, Hunan, China

  • Ye Ji Lee def. Hana Date by majority decision (105)
  • Lin Heqin def. Nori Date by unanimous decision (125)

ONE Championship – Hefei, Anhui, China

  • Ann Osman def. Haiat Farag by Submission (Armbar) 3:59 round 1 (125)

Gladiator Challenge: American Pride – San Jacinto, California

  • Shanie Rusth def. Faye Shields via TKO at o:10 round 1 (125) 

Final Fight 6: Night of Champions – Puebla, Mexico

  • Monica Romero def. Tiare Toral by Unanimous Decision (125)
  • Pamela Barum def. Monica Romero by Unanimous Decision (125)

REC Combat –  Vigia de Nazare, Para, Brazil

  • Rayane Bastos def. Danielle Falcão by split decision (135)

HCC – Brazil

  • Natália Cristina def. Gabriela Souza by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) round 1
  • Emanuela Ferreira def. Maria Doida Mendes by TKO round 1

Superstar Fight – Shenzhen, China

  • Bo Meng def. Marija Malencia by submission (armbar) Round 1 (125)

Dantas Fight 6 – Brazil

  • Patrícia Adria defeats Paula Rocha via TKO at 2:30 of round 2 (115) 

Get Down Fights – Santa Ana, California

  • Brooke Mayo def. Mayra Mello Mazza by TKO round 3 (135)
  • Jasmine Pouncy def. Adelita McGrath by decision (115) 
  • Jennifer Penfield def. Natalya Speece by TKO round 2 (125) 
  • Jennifer Grijalva def. Kayla Hernandez by TKO round 1 (125) 
  • Maraya Miller def. Daniela Pamfilie by submission (armbar) round 1 (115) 

MMA Berlin Tournament – Berlin, Germany

  • Maryna Ivashko def. Aysegül Kurnaz by submission (rear naked choke) round 1 (130)
  • Myriam Joel def. Diana Bongers by unanimous decision (135) 

Calvo Promotions –  San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Cindy Acuña Ruiz def. Paula Alarcon by submission (shoulder lock) 2:58 Round 1  (125)

Ultimate Impact – Gloucester, England

  •  Joanne Doyle def. Michelle Nash by unanimous decision (145) 

Machine MMA – Stanley, Durham, England

  • Meagan O’Loughlin def. Kennedy Freeman by submission (rear naked choke) round 1 (125)

XCP – St. Albans, Vermont

  • Alex Walker def. Kat Rooney by unanimous decision (115)

July 3

Brave Fight – Japan

  • Ayumi Misaka def. Mari Date by unanimous decision (105)
  • Yuko Kiryu def. Renju Date by submission (rear naked choke) round 2 (105)

July 6

IMMAF Opening Round – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Katarzyna Biegajlo (POL) def. Manfredi Morgane (FRA) by submission round 1 (135)

July 7

S-cup – Tokyo, Japan

  • Kanako Murata def. Ilona Wijmans by TKO 1:17 round 1 (125)

IMMAF Quarterfinals – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Aleksandra Toncheva (BGR) def. Naomi Harvey (UK) by majority decision (115)
  • Raluca Dinescu (ROU) def. Rika Hamada (JPN) by TKO 0:21 round 2 (115)
  • Aleksandra Rola (POL) def. Brenda Tran (AUS) by submission 1:28 round 2 (115)
  • Anette Österberg (FIN) def.. Ilaria Norcia (ITL) by unanimous decision (125)
  • Kelsey Gollihar (USA) def. Michaela Dostálová by unanimous decision (CZE) (125)
  • Jess Bradley (NZL) def. Ashley Hancock (USA) by TKO) (doctor’s stoppage) round 1 (125)
  • Gabriella Ringblom (SWE) def. Brittney Allan (CAN) by unanimous decision (125)
  • Cornelia Holm (SWE) def. Michelle Jones (UK) by unanimous decision (135)
  • Katarzyna Biegajlo (POL) def. Tuyet Nguyen (NZL) bt TKO 1:38 round 1 (135)
  • Camilla Mannes (NOR) def. Manon Fiorot (FRA) by submssion (rear naked choke) round 1 (135)
  • Julia Dorny (GER) def. Chamia Chabbi (FIN) by TKO 0:33 round 1 (145)
  • Fatime Nánási (HUN) def. Eleonora Potorokina (RUS) by TKO 1:00 round 2 (145)
  • Leah McCourt (NIR) def. Yvonne Chow (AUS) by submission (kimura) round 1 (145)

July 8

TUF 23 Finale – Las Vegas, Nevada (this will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk (c) def. Claudia Gadelha by unaimous decision to retain the  115 title
  • Tatiana Suarez def. Amanda Cooper by submission (darce choke) 3:43 round 1 to win the TUF 23 tournament (115) 

PXC – Guam

  • Brogan Walker def. Kate da Silva by unanimous decision (125)  

Mix Fight Events –  Valencia, Spain

  • Veronica Macedo def. Karine Gevorgyan by submission (heel hook) round 3 (140)

Brutality Fight Championship – Brazil

  • Concy Oliveira defeats Leticia Lima via TKO in round 3 (125)

MMA Pro – Ukraine

  • Anna Kuzmenko def. Alla Lesovaya by submission (rear naked choke) round 1

IMMAF Semi-finals – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Aleksandra Toncheva (BGR) def. Raluca Dinescu (ROU) by TKO 2:37 Round 2 (115)
  • Aleksandra Rola (POL) def. Sarah Archer (NZL) by unanimous decision (115)
  • Gabriella Ringblom (SWE) def. Jess Bradley (NZL) by unanimous decision (125)
  • Anette Österberg (FIN) def. Kelsey Gollihar (USA) by TKO 0:50 round 3 (125)
  • Cornelia Holm (SWE) def. Arziko Bregu (ITL) by unanimous decision (135)
  • Camilla Mannes (NOR) def. Katarzyna Biegajlo (POL) by unanimous decision (135)
  • Julia Dorny (GER) def. Fatime Nánási (HUN) by unanimous decision (145)
  • Leah McCourt (NIR)  def. Taryn Conklin (USA) by submission (armbar) 1:32 round 1 (145)

Shamrock FC – Kansas City, Missouri

  • Amber Jones def. Tenisha Davis by unanimous decision (125)

July 9

UFC 200 – Las Vegas, Nevada (This will air on ppv and Fox Sports 1)

  • Amanda Nunes def. Miesha Tate (c) by submission (rear naked choke) 3:16 round 1 to win the UFC 135 title
  • Julianna Pena def. Cat Zingano by unanimous decision (135)

Aspera FC – Sao Jose, Brazil

  • Marina Rodriguez def. Vanessa Guimarães by submission (triangle) 1:47 round 2
  • Talita de Oliveira def. Gisele Moreira by Unanimous Decision (135)
  • Thaiane Souza def. Silvania Monteiro by Unanimous Decision (105)

Batalha MMA – Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Luana Carolina def. Jessica Negrão by KO (elbows) round 1 (135)
  • Mariza Loch def. Rosemary Amorim by Unanimous Decision (140)

Sugar Creek Showdown – Hinton, Oklahoma

  • Benita Rodriguez vs. Melissa McCue (105)
  • Trisha O’Quinn vs. Ali Tiemann (145)

CSFC – Doncaster, England

  • Katie Kerr vs. Nicola Marsden (115)

July 10

Kunlun Fights – Nanjing, China

  • Weili Zhang def. Liliya Kazak by KO (head kick) round 2 (120)

IMMAF Finals – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Aleksandra Toncheva (BGR) def. Aleksandra Rola (POL) by submission (armbar) 2:18 round 1 (115)
  • Gabriella Ringblom (SWE) def. Anette Österberg (FIN) by unanimous decision to win the 125 tournament
  • Cornelia Holm (SWE) def. Camilla Mannes (NOR) by unanimous decision to win the 135 tournament 
  • Leah McCourt (NIR) def. Julia Dorny (GER) by TKO 1:54 Round 1 to win the 145 title

July 13

UFC Fight Night – Sioux Falls, South Dakota (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Katlyn Chookagian def. Lauren Murphy by unanimous decision (135)
  • Cortney Casey def. Cristina Stanciu by TKO 2:36 round 1 (115)

July 15

RFA  – Prior Lake, Minnesota (This will air on AXS TV)

  • Calie Cutler def. Mariah Prussia by TKO 0:49 round 3 (135)

Cage Survivor – Ioannina, Greece

  • Hara Dimitroula def. Anastazija Petrovic by TKO 2:23 round 2 (125)

NFC – Nicaragua

  • Eloisa Jeymi Perez def. Kathya Alvarenga by unanimous decision (105)

559 Fights –  Visalia, California

  • Elizabeth Jackman vs. Salma Del Real (125)

July 16

Hardrock MMA – Florence, Kentucky

  • Marissa Caldwell def. Gina Begley by submission (rear naked choke) 1:43 round 1 (135)
  • Emily Bartee def. Chelsea Smith by submission (strikes) 1:56 round 1 (145)

NP Fight Night – Brazil

  • Bruna Felício def. Michelle de Silva by submission (Armbar) 2:45 round 1 (125)

Titans of the Cage –  Independence, Virginia

  • Kathy Hatfield  def. Samantha Testerman by TKO 0:31 Round 1 (125)

MFL –  South Bend, Indiana

  • Claire Guthrie vs. Jen Pomante (135)

TNT Fight Series –  Buffalo, New York

  • Ashley LeTourneau vs. Laura Niziol (105)

Victory FC – Omaha, Nebraska

  • Sadie Robinson vs. Stephanie Hull (115)

GFA: Battleground – Monroe, Louisiana

  • Danielle Newsom vs. Candace Maricle (135)

SCL –  Castle Rock, Colorado

  • Cheri Muraski def. Veronica Graves by TKO 2:21 round 2 (125)

Clash MMA – Logan, Utah

  • Kaycee Pearce def. Lupita Patino by submission (anklelock) round 1 (115)

July 17

Shooto – Tokyo, Japan

  • Kanna Asakura def. Mikiko Hiyama by submissin (Rear Naked Choke) 3:43  round 1 (105)

July 18

Kingdom Tachikawa – Tokyo, Japan

  • Rina Goto vs. Speed Date (105)

July 22

Bellator – Mulvane, Kansas (This will stream on Spike.com/Spike TV)

  • Jessica Middleton def. Bruna Ellen by unanimous decision (115)
  • Emily Ducote def. Bruna Vargas by submission (rear naked choke) 0:29 round 2 (125)

Legacy MMA – Bossier City, Louisiana (This will air on AXS TV)

  • Mackenzie Dern def. Kenia Rosas by unanimous decision (115) 

Reborn Strike Fight

  • Solange Tirolli def. Luci Moral via TKO in round 1 (115)

July 23

UFC on FOX – Chicago, Illinois (This will air on Fox)

  • Valentina Shevchenko def. Holly Holm by unanimous decision (135)
  • Felice Herrig def. Kailin Curran by submission (rear naked choke) 1:59 round 1 (115)

BCMMA – Colchester, England

  • Kerry Hughes def. Stephanie Page by Unanimous Decision to win the 135 title
  • Bryony Tyrell def. Mellony Geugjes Unanimous Decision to win the 115 title
  • Jade Barker vs. Samantha Jean-Francois (115) 
  • Cory McKenna vs. Fiona Chrystall (115)
  • Wendy McKenna vs. Deborah O’Sullivan (105)
  • Louise Hiller vs. Meagan O’Loughlin (135)

FMP 36

  • Vanelly Sanchez def. Nirvana Barron Lugo by TKO round 1 (135)
  • Alejandra Orozco def. Andrea Garcia by TKO round 2 (115)

Big Way Fight Night 2 – Brazil

  • Mayana Kellem vs Fabiulane Silva (135)
  • Nalva Freitas vs Deborah Alves (135) 

SFL America – Tacoma, Washington (This will stream on SFL’s Youtube)

  • Sarah D’Alelio def. Jenny Liou by unanimous decision (125)

WLF E.P.I.C. –  Zhengzhou, China

  • Na Liang vs. Kristina Derecha (135)
  • Tao Li vs. Darya Shevchuk (135)

Gladiator Challenge: Freedom Strikes

  • Lauren Mueller def. Hannah Fitzpatrick by unanimous decision (135)

Action Fight

  • Lizianne Silveira vs Juliana Araújo

Pain Pit Contenders – Gwent, Wales

  • Lana Mcdonald vs. Laura Jayne Gadd (140)

KOTC – Washington, Pennsylvania

  •  Kristin Janese def. Jessica Higman by unanimous decision (145)

Cagezilla – Ashburn, Virginia

  • Heather Walker-Leahy def. Chelsea McCoy by TKO 4:59 round 2 (135)

SHP – Cullman, Alabama

  • Halie Liles def. Hanna Harrison by submission (armbar) 2:01 Round 1 (125)

July 24

Pancrase 279 – Tokyo, Japan (This will stream on UFC Fight Pass)

  • Rin Nakai def. Emiko Raika by TKO 2:43 round 3 (125)
  • Syuri Kondo def. Nicolle Caliari by unanimous decision (115)

July 29

InvictaFC – Kansas City, Missouri (this will air on UFC Fight Pass)

  • Alexa Grasso  vs. Jodie Esquibel (115)
  • Irene Aldana vs. Taila Santos (135)
  • Agnieszka Niedzwiedz vs Claudia Rey (125)
  • Cindy Dandois vs. Jessamyn Duke (135)
  • Megan Anderson vs. Peggy Morgan (145)
  • Mizuki Inoue vs. Lynn Alvarez (115)
  • Sijara Eubanks vs. Amberlynn Orr (135)
  • Aspen Ladd vs Jessica Hoy (135)
  • Tessa Simpson vs Simona Soukupova (105)

July 30

UFC 201 – Atlanta, Georgia (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Rose Namajunas vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz (115)

KOTC – Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

  • Brenda Gonzales-Means vs Pam Sorenson – interim 135 title

Aspera FC – Brazil

  • Viviane Sucuri vs Maíra Mazar (115 title)
  • Kinberly Novaes vs Bianca Sattelmayer (115)

World Series of Fighting – Quezon City, Philippines

  • Yuko Kiryu vs Jujeath Nagaowa (105)
  • Jenelyn Olsim vs Nayara Hemily (115)
  • May Ooi vs Katherine Roy  (115)

Premier FC – Springfield, Massachusetts

  • Leah Letson vs Sarah Payant (135)

Eternal MMA – Australia

  • Jessy Rose Clark vs Janay Harding (135)


Aug. 6

SCL – Denver, Colorado

  • Grace Cleveland vs Cassie Robb (105)

Aug. 7

Favela Kombat 21

  • Ana Costa vs Tamara Leorde 
  • Aline Mutante vs Brena Cardozo

Kunlun Fight – China

  • Emi Fujino vs Weili Zhang (115)

Aug. 12

SteelFist Fight Night – Utah

  • Sarah Patterson vs Killastina Makihele (155)

Aug. 13

Deep Jewels – Tokyo, Japan

  • Mika Nagano vs. Sachiko Fujimori (115)
  • Mina Kurobe vs. Tomo Maesawa (105)
  • Tanja Hoffmann vs. Nori Date  (115)
  • Pan “Kai” Hui vs.  Renju Date (105)
  • Yuko Kiryu vs. Karen Date (105)
  • Yukari Nabe vs. Nao Date (125)
  • Sayuri Yamaguchi vs.  Ayumi Misaka (105)

Aspera FC – Brazil

  • Janaísa Morandin vs Silvia ‘Pucca’ Gonzalez (105 title)

Blood & Sand

  • Monica Medina vs Gillian Robertson 

Serra Fight

  • Gina ‘Naja’ Santana vs Jaqueline Bento (135)

Aug. 16

UFC Fight Night – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Justine Kish vs. Maryna Moroz (115)

Aug. 20

UFC – Las Vegas, Nevada (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Raquel Pennington vs Elizabeth Phillips  (135)

Arena Fire Fight

  • Sarah Frota vs Dayane Mestrinha (135)

Aug. 27

UFC on Fox – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Paige Vanzant vs Bec Rawlings (115)

Imperium FC

  • Veronica Macedo vs Valérie Domergue (135)

GKO –  Jackson, California

  • Pámela Bóveda vs Chelsea Chandler (135)
  • Brieta Carpenter vs Christine Ferea (125)


Sept. 3

UFC Fight Night – Hamburg, Germany

  • Michelle Waterson vs. Aisling Daly (115)
  • Germaine de Randamie vs. Ashlee Evans-Smith (135)

Sept. 10

UFC 203 – Cleveland, Ohio (this will air on Fox Sports 1 )

  • Jessica Eye vs. Bethe Correia (135)
  • Joanne Calderwod vs. Jessica Andrade (115)

Sept. 25

Rizin – Tokyo, Japan

  • Rena Kubota vs. tba
  • Kanako Murata vs. tba
  • Gabi Garica vs. tba

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  2. Hello from Germany,
    as a great fan of women fighting, i miss upcoming events and fights from “good old” Germany. We have here a mass of excellent events with very good women from countries all over the world.

    Thanks for your wonderfull support for all Female Fighters.

    1. 2 examples in the very near futures: (all in green)

      Sept. 01

      Mix Fight Gala XIII – Frankfurt, Germany

      Ania Fucz vs Sarah Debaieb Rules K-1

      Sept. 18

      Amazon of K1 Grand Prix -66 kg Ruhrstadt – Arena Herne, Germany

      8 Women Tournament
      Julia Symannek, Martina Jindrowa, Hatice Özyurt, Lisa Schewe, Jorina Baars,
      Chrisoula Mirtsou, Anke van Gestel, Katrin Dirheimer.

      If you like to post more events and results of them in Germany, pleas e-mail me.

  3. InvictaFC5 (Apr. 4) on your list needs updating:
    Cris Cyborg now is scheduled to fight Ediane Gomes.
    Julia Budd now is scheduled to fight Fiona Muxlow
    River Jones vs. Lauren Barefoot is no longer scheduled.

  4. Your report about Jazmine Quesada winning by decision in her bout against Stacy Sigala at Rocktagon MMA 28 is incorrect. It’s the other way around.

  5. May 17th
    Cage of Honor
    Isle Casino Cape Girardeau, mo.

    Savannah Smith VS. Nora Hamilton ( 170 )

    got to bandlpromo.com and hit purchase tickets, then hit the tab above savannah smith and purchase a general admission. All others are sold out

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