Upcoming/Results Female Fights – Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai

Here are all the announced upcoming fights and results for the current month. Results from previous months can be found here. Pro MMA courtesy of WMMAToday and boxing courtesy of Boxrec.com. Wombat Sports uses the Unified MMA Rankings.

  • Pro MMA in Red
  • Amateur MMA in Pink
  • Semi-pro MMA in Orange
  • Pro Boxing in Aqua
  • Amateur boxing in Yellow
  • Kickboxing/Muay Thai in Green
  • Grappling in blue


Mar. 1

Curitiba Top Fight 9 – Brazil

  • Priscila Souza def. Marta Gladiadora by submission (Armbar) in round 1 (125)
  • Jady Menezes def. Jéssica Suelen by TKO round 2  (125)
  • Isabely Varella def. Ariane Lipski by unanimous decision (125)
  • Anna Karoline def. Graziele Ricotta by submission (armbar) round 2 (115)

Explosion MMA – Paraguay

  • Pamela Boveda def. Kessiny Mara by submission (Armbar) in round 2 (135)
  • Stephanie Bragayrac def. Paula Viera da Silva by submission (Armbar) at 1:16 of round 1 (125)

ROAD FC 21 – South Korea

  • Park Ji-Hyae def. Irie Miyu by TKO 3:31 round 2  (105)

Kunlun Fight 16 – China

  • Jin Tang def. Anastasia Rybalochko by TKO at :23 of round 1 (125)
  • Jingnan Xiong def. Lily Kazak by TKO at 1:22 of round 3 (125)

Aspera FC 15 – Brazil

  • Taila Santos def. Marta “Gladiadora” Souza by TKO in round 1  (125)

MFC Fight Zone – Durban, South Africa

  •  Bunmi Ojewole def. Fatima Asmal by unanimous decision (145)

Moscow, Russia

  • Ekaterina Izotova def. Yana Denisova by TKO round 2 (112)

Mar. 3

Šturovo, Slovakia

  • Julia Kiss def. Dorina Kapler by unanimous decision (115)

Mar. 4

Alaska FC – Anchorage, AK

  • Jennifer Johnston def. Denali Barnett by TKO round 3 (155) 

Chonburi, Thailand

  • Naome Tacda def. Nongploy Sithjemayurin by unanimous decision (112)

Mar. 5

Tokyo, Japan

  • Ayaka Miyao def. Momoko Kanda by unanimous decision (115)

Mar. 6

RFA 24 – Prior Lake, Minnesota

  • Kali Robbins def. Corrie Ward by submission (rear naked choke) round 2 (115)

Paraguay FC – Asuncion, Paraguay

  • Alicia Ayala def. Sally Ortigoza by split decision (135)

Fightforce MMA – Billings, MT

  • Andrea Kate Mehling def. DJ Morrison by submission (armbar) round 1 (125)

Prize FC – Denver, CO

  • Audrey Perkins def. Brittany Boone by submission (armbar) 2:51 round 1 (115)
  • Mallory Martin def. Grace Cleveland by submission (armbar) 1:44 round 2 (115)

Absolute Cage Fighting – Columbus, Ohio

  • Lisa Skidmore def. Crystal Ceaser by unanimous decision (125)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Laura Soledad Griffa def. Irene Villablanca by unanimous decision (126)

Tucuman, Argentina

  • Paola Pamela Benavidez def. Valeria Jesica Almiron by unanimous decision (115)

Durango, Mexico

  • Ana Julaton def. Yolanda Segura by unanimous decision (126)
  • Nora Cardoza def. Lorena Arias by TKO (retirement) round 4 (105)

Bangkok, Thailand

  • Yodying Superchamp def. Chompol Yingchongym by unaimous decision (105)
  • Petcharas Mor Zkrungthepthonburi def. Taksaporn Chalermprakiat Sport by unanimous decision (105)

Aurora, Colorado

  • Brittany Cruz and Angela Hayes fight to a split draw (126)

Mar. 7

Curitiba Fight Pro – Curitiba, Brazil

  •  Anne Karoline def Helaine Ribeiro by submission (armbar) round 2 (115)

ABCF Fighting – Brazil

  • Gisele Campos def. Bruna Lima by unanimous decision (135)

Arena Fire Fight – Alexania, Goias, Brazil

  • Carol Molena def. Hevellynn Pais by TKO round 1 (135)

Rocks Xtreme MMA – Corpus Christi, Texas

  • Lindsey Marino def. Janaska Bigley by unanimous decision (125)
  • Christina Perez def. Kenia Rosas by unanimous decision (115)

Shamrock FC – Kansas City, Missouri

  • Yessie Remeriz def. Nora Hamilton by submission (guillotine) round 1 (185)
  • Monique Woltkamp def. Mariah Adame by TKO round 2 (205)
  • Rebecca Revelle def. Sam Allen by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) 3:00 round 1

ICON – Victoria, Texas

  • Stacy Silva def. Carly Cavazos by TKO 2:55 round 1 (115)

KOTC – Keshena, Wisconsin

  • Chi Sheibley def. Tiffany Masters by submission (rear naked choke) 0:28 round 1 (115)

RCWC – Elkhart, Kansas

  • Cesar De Santiago Rivera def. Cheyenne Bedsaul by TKO 0:22 round 1  (145)

Bloemfontein Fight Night – Bloemfontein, South Africa

  • Martica Marais def. Bunmi Ojewole by split decision (145)

Shock n’ Awe – Portsmouth, England

  • Jade Barker def. Jenny-Anne Dexter by submission (armbar) 1:37 round 1 (125)

Duebendorf, Switzerland

  • Vivian Fontana def. Edita Lesnik by TKO round 2 to win the vacant WIBA International welterweight title

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Karen Elizabeth Carabajal def. Noelia Gutierrez by unanimous decision (126)
  • Debora Anahi Dionicius def. Florencia Roxana Canteros by unanimous decision (118)
  • Maria Magdalena Rivera def. Guadalupe Maria Antonia Maldonado by unanimous decision (115)

Hérault, France

  • Jacinthe Berenguer def. Sandra Zekic by TKO round 2 (140)

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

  • Steffi Schuenke def. Sonja Soknic by TKO round 4 (115)

Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

  • Fabiana Bytyqi def. Andrea Lakatos by TKO round 4 (112)

Jalisco, Mexico

  • Olivia Pena def. Maria de los Reyes Lopez by unanimous decision (122)

Veracruz, Mexico

  • Jacquelin Cortez def. Johana Mesias by TKO round 2 (115)

Mar. 8

U of MMA – Los Angeles, CA

  • Jasmine Pouncy def. Daria Berenato by unanimous decision (125)
  • Kelly Vanhoy def. Stefani Pogue by unanimous decision (125)
  • Anita Hoehenleiter def. Ashlee Grant by submission (guillotine) round 1 (155)

IMMAF Team Trials – Italy

  • Maraessa Silvia  def. Barbarossa Chiara by unanimous decision (125)

Budapest, Hungary

  • Melinda Lazar def. Szilvia Szabados by unaninmous decision (155)

Hoengseong, South Korea

  • Eun Hye Lee def. Eun Young Huh by TKO round 7 (112)

Mar. 10

Šturovo, Slovakia

  • Alexandra Vlajk def. Zsanett Pakozdi by unanimous decision (115)
  • Eva Kolos def. Eva Nemeth by unanimoius decision (155)

Mar. 13

PXC – Guam

  • Cortney Casey def. Helen Harper by TKO round 1 (115)

Steelfist Fight Night 32 – Salt Lake City, UT

  • Erica Grover def. Jenna Bernick by TKO round 1 (HWT)
  • Alie Garcia def. Tracie Morris by TKO (injury) 1:47 round 3  (115)

ONE FC: Age of Champions

  • Ann Osman def. Walaa Abas by submission (rear naked choke) 2:23 round 1 (125)
  • Kirstie Gannaway def. April Osenio by submission (rear naked choke) 2:50 round 2 (105)

HOF: Nations Collide

  • Jenny Silverio def. Rachel Sazoff by unanimous decision (105)


  • Sarah Payant def. Janice Meyer by submission (triangle) round 3 (135)

Pinnacle Combat – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Samantha Diaz vs. Chloe Bonar (145)

Cage Combat – Humble, Texas

  • Samantha Harris def. Sha Whittington by TKO round 1 (130)

Santa Fe, Argentina

  • Cristina Beatriz Cuevas and Gisela Ledezma fight to a draw (140) 

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

  • Diana Fernandez def. Giovanna Gutierrez by majority decision (112)

Tustin, California

  • Guadalupe Gutierrez def. Blanca Raymundo by unanimous decision (115)

Tampa, Florida

  • Nydia Feliciano def. Noemi Bosques by split decision (118)

Westbury, New York

  • Patricia Alcivar def. Peggy Maerz by unanimous decision (112)

Texas City, Texas

  • Latravia Pierce def. Tammy Franks by majority decision (140)

Mar. 14

UFC 185 – Dalas, TV (Title match on ppv; prelim on FX)

  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Carla Esparza (c) by TKO 4:17 round 2 to win the 115 title 
  • Germaine de Randamie def. Larissa Pacheco by TKO 2:02 round 2  (135)

XFCi 9 – Sao Paulo, Brazil (This will stream on XFCMMA.com)

  • Julia Berezikova def. Julie Werner by submission (anklelock) round 2  (125)
  • Poliana Botelho def. Antonia “Marretinha” Silvaneide  by KO 1:3 round 1 to win the flyweight tournament (125)
  • Vuokko Katainen def. Dora Perjes by unanimous decision in the  115 tournament semi-finals
  • Viviane Pereira def. Liana Pirosin by unanimous decision in the 115 tournament semi-finals

Copa Striker’s House – Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

  • Priscila Ferreira def. Anne Karoline by submission 3:57 round 1 (125)

Kampfer Fight Championship 1 – Germany

  • Aline Sattelmayer def. Cristmi Niero Páfaro by submission (armbar) round 3

Xtreme Kombat 29 – Mexico

  • Yahaira Romo def. Wendy Arellano by unanimous decision (125)

Tuff-n-uff – Mesquite, Nevada

  • Brieta Carpenter def. Kaytlin Neil by TKO 2:57 round 1 (135)
  • Cheyenne Hinsey def. Chloe Woodie by KO round 1 (145)

Slugfest – Trzemeszno, Poland

  • Małgorzata Smaczniak def. Roksana Prucnal by unanimous decision (125)
  • Adrianna Rożek def. Monika Postrożny by TKO 2:36 round 2 (140)

Ring of Combat – Rahway, NJ

  • Lauren Braccia def. Gabriella Gulfin by TKO 2:14 Round 1 (120)

Cowboys Extreme Cagefighting – San Antonio, Texas

  • Julia Ottolino def. Dominique Gallegher-Gonzales by unanimous decision (125)

Rocky Mountain MMA – Rock Springs, Wyoming

  • Michelle Robles def. Hazel Wirth by unanimous decision (155)

Galaxy Fight Night –  Yuba City, California

  • Janice Cook def. Krystine Sakurada by split decision  (115)

Black Diamond Beatdown – Bristol, Virginia 

  • Ashley Lane def. Verina McCoy by submission (guillotine) round 1 (135)

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

  • Yazmin Rivas def. Celina Salazar by unanimous decision to retain the WBC World bantamweight title

Naucalpan, México

  • Naoko Fujioka def. Mariana Juarez (c) by split decision to win the WBC International super flyweight title
  • Mayra Mariano Martinez def. Guadalupe Periban by unanimous decision (135)

Chonburi, Thailand

  • Hee Jung Yuh def. Nonggift Onesongchaigym to win the vacant WBC Asian Boxing Council super flyweight title 

Lubin, Poland

  • Ewa Brodnicka def. Gina Chamie by unanimous decision  to win the vacant Republic of Poland International super lightweight title

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

  • Amanda Lopes vs. Alicia Susana Alegre (118)

Haute-Corse, France

  • Karine Rinaldo def. Jasmina Nadj by unanimous decision (122)

Mar. 15

Pancrase MMA – Japan

  • Lindsay Garbatt def. Shiori Hori by TKO 1:01 round 1 (120)

Mar. 16

RXF – Craiova, Romania

  • Cristina Stanciu def. Alice Ardelean by unanimous decision (132)
  • Diana Belbita def. Renata Cseh-Lantos by unanimous decision (132) 

Mar. 18

Ayutthaya, Thailand

  • Kanda Por Muangpetch def. Sroithong Kwanjaisrikot by unanimous decision (108)

Mar. 19

Bitva Roku – Prague, Czech Republic

  • Magdaléna Šormová def. Melitta Ignácz by TKO round 1 (115)

Mar. 20

Brace 32 – Australia

  • Claire Todd def. Natalie Gonzales by TKO 3:39 round 3  (105)

Xcessive Force FC 6 – Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

  • Chaleur Jones def. Jessica Maruszczak by submission (rear naked choke) 2:12 round 1 (125)

UCC 23 – Panama

  • Carolina Muñoz def. Evelin Caballero by TKO 1:33 of round 2 (125)

Rumble on the River 12 – Tulsa, OK

  • Montana Stewart def. Colby Fletcher by submission (armbar) round 1 (115)

Battle at the Big O – Okeechobee, Florida

  • Brianna Lealy def.. Rachel Sparling by submission (armbar) round 1 (125)

Hard Knocks – Calgary, Alberta

  • Coralie Dixon def. Mallory Gellner by submission (armbar) 2:49 round 1 (115)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Leonela Paola Yudica (c) and Vanesa Lorena Taborda fight to a majority draw. Yudica retains the IBF World flyweight title 

Edmonton, Alberta

  • Sheena Kaine def. Nicole Gozdek by TKO round 1 (135) 
  • Kandi Wyatt def. Lita Mae Button by unanimous decision (140)

Jalisco, Mexico

  • Mary Camacho def. Ana Cristina Vargas by split decision (115)

Woodlawn, Maryland

  • Tori Nelson def. Kita Watkins by unanimous decision t win the vacant UBF World super welterweight title 
  • Tyrieshia Douglas def. Maria Suarez by TKO round 7  to win the vacant UBF World flyweight title 
  • Jennifer Salinas def. Angel Gladney by unanimous decision to win the vacant UBF World super featherweight title

San Luis, Argentina

  • Soledad del Valle Frias vs. Alejandra Soledad Morales (108)

Mar. 21

UFC Fight Night 62 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Amanda Nunes def. Shayna Baszler by TKO 1:56 round 1  (135)

Dragon House 19 – San Fransico, CA

  • Maria Andaverde def. Jaimelene Nievera by TKO 1:14 of round 1

March Badness – Lynchberg, VA

  • Moriel Charneski def. Katie Scharmer by TKO in round 2 (135)
  • Kimberly Sellner def. Justice Galloway by unanimous decision 

Storm Damage 6 – Australia

  • Maddison Skinner def. Maxine O’Neil by TKO (corner stoppage) 1:37 round 2 (115)

HFC – Budapest, Hungary

  • Fruzsina Nagy def. Alexa Meksz by TKO 1:23 Round 1 (125)
  • Irena Racz def. Fruzsina Nagy by TKO 2:35 Round 3 (125)

Apex Fight Night – West Monroe, Louisiana

  • Emily Ducote def. Andy Nguyen by submission (armbar) round 2  (125)

EAC –  Houston, Texas

  • Jasmine Crawford def. Elizabeth Palacios by unanimous decision  (135)

ShamrockFC – St. Louis, MO

  • Susie Wyatt def. Royal Schirmer by TKO round 1

True Revelation MMA – Ottumwa, Iowa

  • Tonya Barnes vs. Sariah Wenger (125)

XFO – Rockford, Illinois

  • Asha Lake def. Alyssa Nicosia by TKO round 3  (135)

Ax Fighting –  Lynwood, Washington

  • Miranda Granger def. Crem Frazier by TKO round 2 (130)

Prime FS – Affton, Missouri

  • Tina Brown def. Kira Franke TKO 2:07 round 1

MFC – Chile

  • Angie Kleber vs. Natalia Veral (155)

Mar. 24

FLUXX Fight Night – San Diego, California

  • Rebekah LeVine def. Hylyn Casey Hanmer by unanimous decision (105)

Mar. 26

SFC – Barranquilla, Colombia

  • Alejandra Lara vs Sabina Mazo 

Circuito De MMA Team Nogueira – Brazil

  • Erica Paes vs Evelin Gomez

GFC – Příbram, Czech Republic

  • Julia Stoliarenko vs. Lucie Pudilova (135)

WFC – Marituba, Para, Brazil

  • Adriane Ferreira vs. Leticia 

Heroes Combat League – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Kirsten Scott vs. Melissa Do (120)
  • Anita Baroud vs. Shauna Dicintio (125)

Havoc FC – Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

  • Simone Villetard vs. Alix Beatty (135)

WFF – Glendale, Arizona

  • Nicole Upshaw vs. Arianne Christensen (135)

RMMA – New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Monica Green vs. Macy Chiasson (155)

Mar. 27

EFC: War Against Terrorism

  • Aya Saeid vs Fathia Mostafa

Mar. 28

SCS – Hinton, Oklahoma

  • Brenda Gonzales vs Anita Rodriguez (135)

Young Blood Night 43: War Zone – Ingolstadt, Germany

  • Monica Gaitan vs Magdalena Sormova (125)
  • Vanessa Rico vs Paulina Ioannidou (105)

Max Fight 14 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Bruna Hellen vs Chayani Mendes (115)

DCS 15 – Columbus, Nebraska

  • Kate Bloomfield vs Sarah Patterson (185)

Sao Jose Super Fight – Sao Jose, Santa Catarina, Brazil

  • Silvania Monteiro vs. Marina Rodriguez (115)

Rise of the Underground – Santa Barbara, California

  • Hannah Kampf vs. Linh Ngo (125)

NYFE – Jamaica, New York

  • Destiny Quinones vs. Sarah Click (115)
  • Hannah McGuckin vs. Malinda Prieur (105) 
  • Aly Franco vs. Chrissy Yandolli (145)

Full Contact Productions – Rochester, New York

  • Cassandra Durant vs. Gemma Sheeman (135)

British Challenge – Colchester, Essex, England

  • Ameesha Bhudia vs. Marianee Eriksen (125)
  • Stephanie Quaile vs. Wendy McKenna (115)
  • Laura Drayton vs. Paula Donnelly (145) 

Ultimate Beatdown – Johor Bahru, Malaysia

  • Charmayne Hughes vs. Jennifer Leigh Norris

Combat Night – Jacksonville, Florida

  • Shawna Ormsby vs. Lindsey Van Zant (105)

Fight Lab – Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Tiffany Lee vs. Caroline Cornell (115)

Hot Gates MMA – St. Albany, NY

  • Alex Bond vs. Katie Ogilvie (135)

Iowa Challenge – Fairfield, Iowa

  • Annjeanette Moore vs. Charmel Menezes (125)

Spar Star – Inglewood, CA

  • Paola Ramirez vs. Farren Romero (135)

Pride & Pain MMA – Gillette, Wyoming

  • Tramane Appley vs. Cheyenne Ziegler (155)

Mar. 29

Aspera FC – Santa Catarina, Brazil

  • Taila Santos vs Daniela Cristina (135)


April 3

Legacy FC 41 – Tulsa, OK (this will air on AXS TV)

  • Amber Stautzenberger vs Kathina Catron (115)

SCL: Army vs Marines NM

  • Stacey Sigala vs Natalie Roy

April 4

UFC Fight Night 63 – Fairfax, VA (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Liz Carmouche vs Lauren Murphy (135)
  • Julianna Pena vs Milana Dudieva (135)

Apr. 10


  • Katja Kankaanpää (c) vs. Livia Renata Souza – 115 title 

BAMMA: Badbeat 15

  • Shannon Reid vs Brooksie Bayard
  • Kaiyana Rain vs Tina Bui

Apr. 11

UFC Fight Night 64 – Poland

  • Joanne Calderwood vs Maryna Moroz (115)
  • Izabela Badurek vs Aleksandra Albu (115)

NEF 17

  • Calie Cutler vs Kaline Medeiros

Valor Fights 22

  • Shanna Young vs Katelyn Dykas  

Destiny: Na Koa 9 – Hawaii

  • Monica Franco vs Jessica Doerner 

Respect FC 12

  • Ania Fucz vs Fran Vanderstukken
  • Sandra Redegeld vs Naomi Staller

Jungle Fights – Brazil

  • Ericka Almeida vs. Jennifer Gonzales

Apr. 15

AFC – Alaska

  • Nikki Knudsen vs Michelle Young
  • Katie Halley vs Gabby Walker

Apr. 17

COGA: Rumble on the Ridge

  • Diana Rael vs Julia Jones (105)

Apr. 18

UFC on FOX 15 (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Felice Herrig vs Paige VanZant (115)


  • Kyra Batara vs. Raquel Magdaleno (105)

Spring Brawl 2015 – North Dakota

  • Carina Damm vs Marciea Allen  

Apr. 24

InvictaFC – Kansas City, MO (This will air on UFC Fight Pass)

  • Katja Kankaanpää vs. Livia Renata Souza – 115 title
  • Roxanne Modafferi vs. Vanessa Porto (125)
  • Amanda Bell vs. Faith Van Duin (145)
  • Ediane Gomes vs. Raquel Pa’aluhi (135) 
  • Peggy Morgan vs. Latoya Walker (145)
  • Lacey Schuckman vs. Jenny Liou (115)
  • Cassie Rodish vs. Stephanie Skinner (105)
  • Delaney Owen vs. Sharon Jacobson (115)
  • Shannon Sinn vs. Maureen Riordon (135)
  • Roma Pawelek vs. Sijara Eubanks (125)

Apr. 25

UFC 186 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Alexis Davis vs Sarah Kaufman (135)
  • Valerie Letourneau vs Jessica Rakoczy (115)

SCL: Fight for the Troops – Denver, CO

  • Summer Bradshaw vs Brenda Rodríguez 

Lappeenranta Fight Night 12 – Finland

  • Eeva Siiskonen vs Kate Jackson 

Fightforce – Butte, MT

  • Ariel Beck vs. Alyse Honnold (125)


May 2

UCMMA 43 – England

  • Claire Smith vs Stacy Hayes 

May 10

UFC Fight Night – Adelaide, Australia (This will stream on UFC Fight Pass)

  • Bec Rawlings vs. Seo Hee Ham (115)
  • Alex Chambers vs. Calin Curran (115)

May 16

Driller Promotions: No Mercy 4 – Minnasota

  • Kali Robbins vs Priscilla Brownfield 

JVT 8 – Brazil

  • Debora Ferreira vs Priscila Ferreira
  • Carolina Karasek vs Fabiana Weber

May 23

UFC 187 (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Nina Ansaroff vs Rose Namajunas (115)

May 31

DEEP-JEWELS – Tokyo, Japan

  • Mei Yamaguchi vs Mina Kurobe (105)
  • Satomi “Sarami” Takano vs Tomo Maesawa (105)

28 thoughts on “Upcoming/Results Female Fights – Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai

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  3. Hello from Germany,
    as a great fan of women fighting, i miss upcoming events and fights from “good old” Germany. We have here a mass of excellent events with very good women from countries all over the world.

    Thanks for your wonderfull support for all Female Fighters.

    • 2 examples in the very near futures: (all in green)

      Sept. 01

      Mix Fight Gala XIII – Frankfurt, Germany

      Ania Fucz vs Sarah Debaieb Rules K-1

      Sept. 18

      Amazon of K1 Grand Prix -66 kg Ruhrstadt – Arena Herne, Germany

      8 Women Tournament
      Julia Symannek, Martina Jindrowa, Hatice Özyurt, Lisa Schewe, Jorina Baars,
      Chrisoula Mirtsou, Anke van Gestel, Katrin Dirheimer.

      If you like to post more events and results of them in Germany, pleas e-mail me.

  4. InvictaFC5 (Apr. 4) on your list needs updating:
    Cris Cyborg now is scheduled to fight Ediane Gomes.
    Julia Budd now is scheduled to fight Fiona Muxlow
    River Jones vs. Lauren Barefoot is no longer scheduled.

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  12. Your report about Jazmine Quesada winning by decision in her bout against Stacy Sigala at Rocktagon MMA 28 is incorrect. It’s the other way around.

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  14. May 17th
    Cage of Honor
    Isle Casino Cape Girardeau, mo.

    Savannah Smith VS. Nora Hamilton ( 170 )

    got to bandlpromo.com and hit purchase tickets, then hit the tab above savannah smith and purchase a general admission. All others are sold out

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