Watch “Girls, Grappling, and Girt” Here on Demand

ggg poster 2 laurelThe world of wrestling has changed over the past few years with women and girls flooding the mats. Be it in camps as pre-teens to high school to college, these wrestlers are already making waves and demand for platforms have been growing.

“Girls, Grappling, and Grit” tells the stories of wrestlers, coaches, and teams as they struggle for acceptance and start their own history on the mats. Former MMA fighters Jess Djukanovic (formally Phillpus), Danielle Hobieka, and Kyra Batara are featured, as well as the Northview girls’ high school team (Tatiana Suarez’s former team) and the first year of the University of Providence women’s team.

The rental cost is $5 and will be available for rewatching until the end of the month. After we hit 1000 rentals, we will donate part of the proceeds to two organizations featured in the documentary and

Click the “Buy Now” below and you will be sent to Paypal and after check out, the video page. If you some reason you aren’t forwarded, email us and we will send you the link directly.

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