Wimp 2 Warrior Invades North America

wmip2warriorNorthAmericaIf you are someone who would like to give MMA a try as a sport and feel you are ready to make a change, here is your opportunity.

The popular Australian web series “Wimp 2 Warrior” is making it’s North American debut with their “Team USA vs. Team Canada” series this summer. The show takes average people (male and female) and turns them into MMA fighters. Jens Pulver and Chris Clements will be the coaches for their series for the U.S. and Canadian teams respectfully.

Tryouts are Easter weekend and they are asking $20 to try out to help support costs. Team USA’s tryouts are at 802 Gym in Kearney, Nebraska, while Team Canada will be at Adrenaline MMA in London, Ontario.

If you are selected, it’s a five month process from initial training in June to the finale in December, where you will actually compete in a MMA bout. Both camps are more than happy to help out with finding you places to stay and work while you are training for the show.

The series is currently in talks for a TV deal.

More info can be found at Wimp2Warrior.com.au.

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